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Who doesn’t love NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)? If you were lucky enough to grow up in NOLA, you have years of beautiful memories of one of the most unique cities in the US. If you are one of the millions who have visited NOLA, you know how special the city is and have wonderful memories. At Monkey Hill, we look forward to providing you with wonderful gifts for all ages to celebrate the strong spirit and eclectic style of New Orleans.


I was lucky enough to grow up in New Orleans, as was my father. One of my favorite memories with my father was all of our trips to the Audubon Zoo. Even when I would come home during my college visits…we always went to the zoo. Monkey Hill is a special part of the Audubon Zoo that every kid growing up in New Orleans knows well.

The Audubon Zoo of New Orleans opened in 1914. The city of New Orleans, on average, is about 6 feet below sea level. Monkey Hill was built inside the zoo in the 1930’s to ‘give’ the children of New Orleans a hill to climb. As a child, Monkey Hill looks like a large mountain… as an adult I now know it is only maybe 11 feet high. Regardless of is true height, Monkey Hill holds special memories for all the children who have visited the zoo and made the big climb all the way to the top.

Just as Monkey Hill holds special memories for kids, New Orleans holds special memories for adults. I dedicate Monkey Hill to all the important men in my life; My father who lived his life in the city he loved, My husband who enjoys the city through my eyes, and my twin sons, Matthew & Luke who are starting to learn how special New Orleans can be at any age.

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